Field Training

The training program we offer is sport-specific and takes place for the most part on the team’s playing field. The program focuses on these critical skills:

Eye Reaction ∙ Peripheral Vision∙ Anticipation∙ Focus∙ Decision-Making

One of the main tools is the Nike Vapor Strobe eyewear. The idea behind this type of training is that by blocking or disrupting vision using a strobe or flicker effect that can be varied in speed, an athlete can develop quicker reaction times and motor skills.

Research has shown that training with the strobe improved:

1. The ability to pick up subtle motion cues

2. Visual information processing

3. Timing of motion

4. Performance and accuracy of shooting and passing in NHL players Our experience has shown that stroboscopic training in a team setting is highly effective to improve team timing, ball movement, first touch under pressure, and goal scoring stats.

After a period of training, the athlete returns to the lab for assessment.

Below is an example of a player that completed a training program on the field and returned for assessment.

The results indicated improvements in peripheral vision (target capture from 68% to 79%); eye hand coordination (from 79% to 99%), and decision making (Go/NO GO from 65% to 99%)